A Video From My Farming Operation

By: Dawn Caldwell

It was a little cold and windy moving cows, but it was alot of fun – especially when a cow kicked the headlight out of Matt’s mule!  Guess that’s why we carry insurance.  Farmers truly do keep the economy flowing – there is something every day that has to be fixed, fed, or replaced and it all costs money.

We got home from moving cows and doing chores in time to do some trapshooting at our house.  We set the remote controlled thrower out, marked 16 yd stations and started firing away.  For me, it was definitely shooting AT the rocks!  I started off so well, breaking 2 of the first 4.  It was all downhill from there!  Like Emmet’s trap coach tells us all the time, “Nothing a truck load of shells won’t fix.”  I think it will take me more than a few truck loads of shells to get the hang of it!

After getting somewhat caught up on the cows and the laundry, we got to enjoy Kaydee’s high school drama performance last night.  No – not the typical teenage girl drama (though we do get a taste of that now and then), a real dinner theater put on by her high school. They did a great job!  Her role as Butch Cassidy fit her personality quite well!

There’s the Caldwell Weekend recap.  Until next time…


About Dawn Caldwell

With a life full of family, farming and a full-time job off the farm, I have an incredible respect for farmers and what they contribute to the world. My husband, Matt, and I, along with our two children run a diversified farm in Edgar, Nebraska, which was passed down from Matt’s grandfather. About half of our family farm is used to raise crops, and half is pasture to raise cattle. Growing up on a diversified farm with corn, wheat, soybeans and hay, I have always been involved in the day-to-day duties on the farm. My family is very close knit and busy, and truly believe that, “farming is good for family life!”
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