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Putting up corn

One of our family traditions every summer is to “put up corn.”  If you have never heard of this before (just like me not so long ago), this is the process of cooking and freezing sweet corn for the year.  … Continue reading

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County fair time in Polk County

Here are some pictures of the kids at the Polk County Fair with their ribbons from the cow milking contest.  Every kid gets a ribbon, but the fastest kids get special prizes.  There are several events in the Junior Rodeo, … Continue reading

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Homemade Ice Cream

It’s calorie packed and ends up being twice as expensive than if we bought it at the store but we love our homemade ice cream. We have a tried and true recipe that I am unable to share with you … Continue reading

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What’s Your Passion? Get Involved!

This week, I got to spend 3 days – yep, count ‘em up, 3 days (including travel time) in beautiful Orlando, Florida.  Yes – most folks would spend at least three days there PLUS travel time, but not this busy … Continue reading

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This is how we do it | Cattle Processing

As a feedlot owner, we do all we can to keep cattle healthy. One way we do that is by processing cattle.  Cattle processing is one area where everyone gets involved.  The term processing refers to giving cattle needed vaccinations, … Continue reading

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Joan Ruskamp Podcast from Nebraska Food System Round-Table (8.3.11)

JoanRuskamp Food Systems Roundtable Podcast Click here to Listen to Joan on KTIC Radio with Chad Moyer talking about the CommonGround initiative and the Nebraska Food Systems Round-Table.  

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There’s Nothing Like Nebraska Sweet Corn

There’s nothing like Nebraska sweet corn. We bought an old four row planter just for planting our favorite summer delicacy. In February we special order from a company in Illinois extra sweet corn with names like “Sugar and Gold” and … Continue reading

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