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About Chandra Horky

I am a city girl transplanted into the country. By choice, of course! I became a farmer 12 years ago when I married my husband, Terry. I was not raised on a farm. I grew up in Fairbury, Nebraska and but always loved animals. Terry and I have two children - Tera, who is six years old, and TJ, who is three. My husband is a fourth-generation Horky to farm and ranch, and loves that he is able to work closely with his dad. We have a cow/calf operation and are grain producers. We grow irrigated and dryland (rain-fed) corn and soybeans, wheat, alfalfa and prairie hay. When we are not in the field tending to our cattle, selling or moving seed around, we enjoy family time playing kick ball or catch in the yard, playing chase around the house or visiting with grandparents. The kids and I go for walks on nice days. When we are riding in the tractor, combine or pick-up, we like to call our radio station and request a song to listen while we are working. Tera loves to request her favorite song, “International Harvester.”

City girl to farm wife

I went from a city girl to a farm wife the day I said ‘I do’ to my husband 12 years ago.  Boy I sure didn’t know what I was getting into, but I didn’t care.  I just knew that … Continue reading

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