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With a life full of family, farming and a full-time job off the farm, I have an incredible respect for farmers and what they contribute to the world. My husband, Matt, and I, along with our two children run a diversified farm in Edgar, Nebraska, which was passed down from Matt’s grandfather. About half of our family farm is used to raise crops, and half is pasture to raise cattle. Growing up on a diversified farm with corn, wheat, soybeans and hay, I have always been involved in the day-to-day duties on the farm. My family is very close knit and busy, and truly believe that, “farming is good for family life!”

What’s Your Passion? Get Involved!

This week, I got to spend 3 days – yep, count ‘em up, 3 days (including travel time) in beautiful Orlando, Florida.  Yes – most folks would spend at least three days there PLUS travel time, but not this busy … Continue reading

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Coming together on a CommonGround

Last week, CommonGround Nebraska volunteers, Diane Becker, Joan Ruskamp, Linda Schwarz, and myself attended the CommonGround Shared Voices Conference in St. Louis, MO along with volunteers from 10 other states! The focus of the conference was about creating conversations about … Continue reading

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Luck of the draw

By Dawn Caldwell Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to our nation’s capital.  I was there for the U.S. Meat Export Federation Board of Directors Meeting.  Everything about the meeting was great – the information presented, the … Continue reading

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A Spoiled Society – When It Comes to Food Choices

Sometimes, especially when I am struggling with what to fix for supper, I realize that when it comes to food choices, we are an extremely spoiled (or blessed) society.  We have thousands of choices staring us in the face from … Continue reading

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Tattoos…where’s yours?!

By Dawn Caldwell Try to Google “cattle tattoos.”  Wow!  There is some less than attractive body art out there!  No, my farmwife body is NOT a canvas for any permanent creativity.  I am usually pretty adventurous, but when it comes to putting something … Continue reading

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Attitude is Everything

By Dawn Caldwell When I visit with fellow cattle-owning couples, especially the wives, I hear all kinds of crazy stories about husbands and wives working cattle together. Usually, one person or the other is not in the right spot at … Continue reading

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A Video From My Farming Operation

By: Dawn Caldwell It was a little cold and windy moving cows, but it was alot of fun – especially when a cow kicked the headlight out of Matt’s mule!  Guess that’s why we carry insurance.  Farmers truly do keep the … Continue reading

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