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I am originally from Grand Island, Nebraska and am a 1980 graduate of Nebraska School of Technical Agriculture at Curtis in Veterinary Technology. In 1981, I married Steve and moved to the farm his dad was born and raised on west of Dodge, Nebraska. Farming was hard in the ‘80’s, but we stayed on the farm by feeding hogs until we could feed cattle and eventually custom fed cattle until 2009. We now run a cattle herd we own with room for 4,000 head of cattle! My role on the farm has evolved/adapted as we have five children ages 17-28, but I’ve always stayed involved with bookwork, doctoring, processing and numerous other little jobs with the cattle.

This is how we do it | Cattle Processing

As a feedlot owner, we do all we can to keep cattle healthy. One way we do that is by processing cattle.  Cattle processing is one area where everyone gets involved.  The term processing refers to giving cattle needed vaccinations, … Continue reading

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GM and wildlife can coexist

The first time I heard a negative comment about genetically modified (GM) seed I was in another country. The comment was made that the GM seed brought into their country had caused the bee population to decrease. There was no … Continue reading

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A little Google research & ag acronyms

What do the DEQ, EPA, IRS, and GMO initials mean to any of you?  For those of us involved in agriculture they are significant to our daily operations. (see definitions below) Getting a phone call from the DEQ or the … Continue reading

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By Joan Ruskamp Control, or lack of control, can be one of the most difficult issues any of us face. In the world of farming and cattle feeding we are continually adjusting to our lack of control of the weather. … Continue reading

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Life’s All About the Little Things

By Joan Ruskamp This past year I had the pleasure of getting to discussfarm life with a group of elementary students from Lincoln, NE through the “Ag in the Classroom” project.   One of the questions the students asked my husband … Continue reading

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The Varying Degrees of Comfort

By Joan Ruskamp We recently purchased a sleep number bed.  This allows my husband and me to choose how firm we want the side of the bed we sleep on to be.  What amazes me is how hard the bed … Continue reading

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The Importance of Communication

By Joan Ruskamp We all know communication is very important so that another person not only knows what we are saying but understands what we are saying. Certain jobs require not only verbal communication but body language as well.  I … Continue reading

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There’s No Life Like Farm Life

By Joan Ruskamp When all is said and done there is no life like the farm life.  We see the glory of God all around us and learn everyday the meaning of trusting in Him.  We have the opportunity to … Continue reading

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