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About Mandy Hengelfelt

I was born and raised in Fremont, Nebraska and am a self-proclaimed “city girl.” After meeting my husband, Seth, at Midland College, I moved back to his family farm for the culture shock of my life. Between raising kids, corn and livestock, plus working a full-time job, the last nine years on the farm have flown by. Farm life for me is crazy, but wonderful.

Putting up corn

One of our family traditions every summer is to “put up corn.”  If you have never heard of this before (just like me not so long ago), this is the process of cooking and freezing sweet corn for the year.  … Continue reading

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County fair time in Polk County

Here are some pictures of the kids at the Polk County Fair with their ribbons from the cow milking contest.  Every kid gets a ribbon, but the fastest kids get special prizes.  There are several events in the Junior Rodeo, … Continue reading

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Great things happen in every season when you farm

By Mandy Hengelfelt I am not a farm raised girl. Everything I know about farming and agriculture comes from my husband and his family. Don’t get me wrong, I have knowledge about agriculture, but it is purely second-hand. In the … Continue reading

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