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Attention women in agriculture!

You have expressed interest in the CommonGround program – a national program that Nebraska is involved in, to showcase the common values and expectations between farmers who grow the food and consumers who purchase products at the grocery store. With more Americans growing up in urban and suburban areas, miles from farm life, there is an increasing disconnect between the consumer and the people who grow their food. In a uniquely mom-driven program, Nebraska farm women are joining together to talk to other women about food production, food safety, farm life, and their common ground. Read more at

We have started blog featuring farm women and we’d like you to contribute. This blog will compile women from all across Nebraska – sharing your stories of life on the farm, what it’s like to be a farm mom,  how you’re taking care of your farm animals, etc. Blogs are meant to be educational, entertaining, concise, enjoyable and to the point.

Your urban counterparts are engaging in “mommy-blogs” everyday – you can’t believe the time they spend on the Internet reading about the food they feed their family – and unfortunately, a lot of it is misinformation! So let’s give them more to read about and the people who produce their food!

Please join us in this blogging effort. If you already have a blog, great! We’d love your approval for us to repost your blog posts. Or if you don’t have a blog, but would like to contribute to the CommonGround blog, here is what we’d like from contributors:

  • An initial introduction of yourself and your tie to agriculture.
  • We will have a bio of you on the blog so the readers can get to know you and connect with you and your posts. This can be as personal as you want, but we want to respect your privacy if you want to omit details. A lot of bloggers only blog by their first name, or even a code name, i.e. “Lady of Ag” or “The Pioneer Woman.
  • Frequent short stories/anecdotes from your life on the farm, life as a mom, and any way that you can connect on a “common ground” with the readers
  • We don’t want this to be a requirement, but we want your commitment to the blog so we can gain a readership.
  • We’d appreciate if you could send us a post bi-weekly.
  • Posts can be text only, but pictures and video would really add value.

Please email us with questions, comments or to get you set up to start blogging! Thank you again for your interest and commitment to the future of agriculture.


Drew Guiney                                                              Kelsey Pope
Consumer Relations                                                  Ag Promotions Coordinator
Nebraska Soybean Board                                         Nebraska Corn Board                       

Nebraska volunteer spokeswoman Kristen Eggerling (Martell, Neb.) reads to her two children.